Traveling with Your Profitable Business Made Easy

Discover how to have the travel experience of a lifetime (for less money and FAR more FUN than you ever imagined)...without missing a beat in your business!

Linda Dear Travel-Loving Entrepreneur,

When you hear of coaches and business owners spending months in exotic locations all around the world—Bali, Rome, Amsterdam, Singapore...

Do you get a twinge of envy? "That's supposed to be MY life!"

You tell yourself, "I'm not independently wealthy. I have responsibilities. I have a business to run. I can't just up and leave for 2 or 3 months...or more."

But that dream of indulging in your wanderlust and cultural curiosity just won't go away. And, frankly, you could use a big experience to get that spark back in your life.

Well, guess what?

You can have BIG travel experiences—profound adventures that can change your life—and run your business WHILE you're having them!

And it's actually easier and less costly than you think!

Just imagine...

Running your business from another country while you have amazing travel experiences has never been more possible. So if you're NOT already doing this, it's probably because you're feeling one or more of these:

I totally get it! I've felt it all. So why am I so passionate about this?

Hi, I'm Linda Claire Puig, and travel—especially traveling to other countries—lights me up like NOTHING else!

It's like soul-nourishment, and without it, I just don't thrive as well. (Can you relate?)

However, for years, I told myself the same story you might be telling yourself:

"I'm just a regular person who has to work for a living! I can't just pick up and go globetrotting any old time I want...and certainly not for as long as I want."

I took trips when I could. But vacations were never enough for me. I itched to go places that fascinate me, stick around for MONTHS (not just one or two weeks) and soak up the local culture at my leisure. And I wanted it to cost not much more than living at home.

Linda working in SiennaUltimately, I wanted a life where I could serve my clients, not skip a beat in making money AND STILL enjoy everything this big, wide world has to offer. Even if I had to travel on my own.

And guess what?

I figured out how to do just that. For most of the last 8 years, I've spent 2-6 months per year running my business from other countries, sometimes on my own and sometimes with others.

My life has profoundly changed, in an inner and outer way. I'm more confident, happier and I feel closer to the "real me."

Plus I now have friends around the globe, and amazing experiences to share with friends, family and my business audience. Oh, and my business has also benefited in a big way from my travels.

Now I want to share the secrets of how I create my experiences and successfully—easily—run my business from abroad, so you can do the same!


Traveling with Your Profitable Business Made Easy

Linda in RomeTraveling with Your Profitable Business Made Easy is YEARS of experience traveling with my business packed into 8 meaty, super-practical modules.

Filled with real-world advice, resources, links, strategies, checklists and more, you'll save months—YEARS—of research and trial-and-error traveling. And your business won't suffer or dip while you're having the time of your life!

In fact, it's possible that, like mine, it will grow BECAUSE you are having the time of your life!

Discover what works (and what doesn't!) when traveling with a business so that you can stop waiting...and start living. Get that spark back in YOUR life and discover how you can easily, reliably and inexpensively add the travel you are craving.

All the practical details and important decisions you'll need to consider to create a profound experience for yourself—and successfully navigate your business life as well—are right at your fingertips.

You'll have access to transcripts and audio recordings of each training session, along with a resource list, for each module.

NOW is the time to start planning your adventure. Here's what you'll discover in 8 jam-packed modules in Traveling with Your Profitable Business Made Easy:

MODULE 1—Where to Start to Create Your Experience of a Lifetime

A great plan and amazing experience always starts with a clear intention and solid decision-making on important initial considerations not often considered.

MODULE 2—Research & Planning Secrets to Set Yourself Up for Success

Research is fun and essential, and I give you my best research resources. Just as critical is knowing how to verify that you're getting the "real scoop." In addition, I'll show you a strategy for how to structure a "practice run" and create an accurate budget that avoid negative surprises.

MODULE 3—Time- & Money-Saving Personal Decisions Made Easy

Includes all of my favorite secrets for traveling inexpensively—yet in style—as well as finding the perfect housing solution for you in your destination AND at your current home. I also review considerations on pets, visas, insurance and more.

MODULE 4—Staying Connected + Essential Business Technology

This is the technology module, where I'll recommend equipment, devices and practices you need in order to ensure that you're able to find reliable, consistent access to your clients, team members and online platforms—without breaking the bank.

MODULE 5—Getting Off to a GREAT Start in Your Dream Location

How you arrive in your new destination, get your bearings, and set up your work space and work schedule can make all the difference in the world to your ultimate experience.

MODULE 6—Creating a Vibrant Social Life in Your Home Away from Home

Traveling alone can be wonderful...until it's not. I'll show you how to tap into ready-made social opportunities (or create your own) as frequently as you wish, as well as engage meaningfully with the local culture to create experiences and global friendships that can last a lifetime.

MODULE 7—Staying Safe & Healthy Wherever You Go

Includes a traveler's alternative "medical kit," 5 ways to stay fit on the road no matter the weather, digital safety, personal security tips and more...because travel is more fun when you're feeling good.

MODULE 8—Confidently Running Your Business While Abroad

A host of strategies and tactics to help you maintain your income, avoid gaps, and develop work-travel rhythms so that you have time to enjoy where you are.

What Other Clients & Students Have to Say About Learning with Me...

"Linda, I have taken many courses over the years...yours is the first one that didn't waste my time and totally delivered what you promised. Far and away the most useful class I have taken since I took Dale Carnegie sales training 25 years ago."
Nancy Clauss
"I found this training experience to be extremely beneficial and fabulous value for money. Linda is an excellent teacher and an extremely patient and warm human being. Interactive teaching, group communication and feedback was very productive and lots of fun!"
Anne Moore
"Linda, just wanted to let you know that of all the experts and master teachers who help coaches through webinars, teleconferences, etc., you offer the most specific and helpful content along with an authentically warm and engaging personality. So enjoying learning from you."
Dana Carpenter
"All of the info was excellent and the handouts really helpful. This is the 2nd paid program I've received from Linda. She teaches in such an easy manner that it makes learning a joy."
Nancy Meadows
"Linda knows what she is doing. She is a professional, organized and very thorough in her training. Don't miss a chance to learn all you can from her."
Frances Copeland Lucas

"I Love It. I'm Ready! How Much Is My Investment?"

With the bonuses described above, the value you receive from Traveling with Your Profitable Business Made Easy is $1,794.

Your investment for this program is only $497!

This is an investment in YOU and your travel dreams that will continue to pay off for you, year after year after year.

You COULD put off this training and your travels...but when you learn what I've got to share with you, you'll realize that you don't have to wait until you retire or until your business is perfect or...

You COULD try to figure all this out on your own...but you really don't want to risk NOT being able to run your business properly when you're out of the country. And with this training, you'll get proven tips, tricks, tactics and technology NOW, not after years of trial and error.

If you'd rather be traveling, Traveling with Your Profitable Business Made Easy will get you there fast!

My 100% Happiness and Peace-of-Mind Guarantee

My clients and students get so much out of my trainings that I am confident you will, too. If after taking the entire course, you feel you did not get value, I will refund your money 100% when you request within 3 days of the last session. Simple as that.

Traveling with Your Business Made Easy $97 per month for 4 months $297 1-payment

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As poet Mary Oliver wrote, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

I'd be so jazzed to help you plan yours!

Much love,


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